Taste Trail: Information for Venues

Taste Trail 2017

Sunday 11th June to Saturday 17th June

How does it work?

The public buy Taste Trail Tokens from Tourist Information & other participating venues.

During Food Week you (the venues) offer small sample dishes in exchange for Taste Trail tokens allowing tourists and locals to sample a plethora of establishments in one day.

Participation for venues is FREE and you will receive £2 for every token you collect.

What next?

Tell us you would like to participate!!! Please email jefner876@hotmail.com by 22nd April 2017.

Let us what your two sample dishes will be before Friday 13th May. These will be publicised as ‘subject to change’ so don’t panic.

Help us promote Taste Trail using your website, social media, and word of mouth and put posters up, which we will supply.

What about during the event?

Collect tokens: make sure you collect all the tokens which the public give you in exchange for sample dishes and keep them in a safe place. This is the only way we will know how much to pay you!

Sell tokens: We will let you have extra tokens which can be bought from you if people run out or are already at your venue when they find out about the event. Cash only and all separate from your business transactions.

Promote the event: through websites, social media, word of mouth & posters.

Feedback from previous years

“We had a lot of people coming in who said they wouldn’t have done if it wasn’t for Taste Trail”

“Someone who came in for Taste Trail earlier in the week has already come back in (within the week) for a full meal”

More information

More information about the event can be found at http://www.bridportfoodfestival.co.uk/taste-trail/ or from Jenn at jefner876@hotmail.com